YJ GuanLong Review: A Must Read Before You Buy!

The 56 mm YJ Guanlong is a smooth magic cube that offers superb rotation and high-quality mechanism. It’s an affordable speed cube with good design value. From amateurs to professional, everyone will appreciate the performance this cube has to offer.

It’s slightly smaller than the Aolong V2. You won’t notice much of a size difference though. The cube comes with the obvious stock shades which you can replace with your personal favorite colors.

The GuanLong is a new YJ cube to add with the SuLong, ChiLong, and YuLong. Performance wise, it’s on par with them all. But with a slightly unique approach. It has received quite a bit of a hype in the community.

Without further ado, let’s check out the YJ GuanLong Review and find out what this speed cube has to offer.


The turning of the GuanLong basically matches the feel of the other cubes in its lineup. You will feel the turning very similar to the ChiLong with its bubbly feel. It’s also much faster and much crispier.

The turning feels really light, and you can achieve some pretty insane TPS with this cube. It’s easier to turn for longer periods, and your hands won’t feel weird. If I were to describe how it feels to turn it, I would say it has kind of a crunchy feel.

It’s very easy to turn and requires minimal solving which allows for more fluid solves and strains your hands less.

Corner Cutting

Corner cutting is pretty standard. 45 and 3/4 reverse and it handles all the algorithms relatively well with minimal locking. Popping also doesn't occur.

YJ GuanLong


Looking at the mechanism, it's almost identical to a SuLong, and the pieces themselves are shaped like a YuLong. It removed all of the divot’s and curves of the YuLong to make a piece of something like the SuLong.

One thing you’ll notice when you first get your hands on this one is the flimsiness. At first, it feels really flimsy. It will get a lot of textures and twist.

Performance wise, it’s not better or worse than its lineup. What makes this cube a must have is the price, it is so affordable that you should get it to try out even if you own all the other models.  

So far, this cube seems pretty good, right?  

Well, there are a few bad things about the GuanLong.


First of all, this cube corner twists a lot. A lot of people won’t get this problem though. Some of the cubers have rarely gotten any corner twists on this. The only twists will happen when non-cubers handle it too rough.

A lot of beginners don’t even know how to properly scramble a speed cube. Most beginners will probably get corner twists every six or seven solves. It’s way worse than the AoLong V1 ever was.

It may or may not be a problem for you. It just depends on how frequently you twist. However, it’s not as bad as you think. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to reduce this by a lot.  

After a few hundred solves, you will get better at preventing these catches.

Another problem that I have heard of is that this cube feels very cheap and lightweight. It’s kind of a personal preference, but I thought I should warn you about this.

It seems like manufacturers used cheaper plastic and not as many materials like the ones used in more expensive models.

Should You Buy This One?

It feels like this cube can break or bend without a lot of force, which is not a good sign. But, with that being said, I do still think this would be a good cube for the right people.

This would be the absolute ideal cube as a fist speed cube. It’s kind of cheap, has good corner cutting and great turning. This one doesn’t really need lube, and it is basically speed solvable straight out of the box.

It will be a bit harder for newer solvers who are not familiar with flimsy cubes. You won’t get consistent averages with this one at first. After you are done with many solves, you’ll eventually get adapted to a more accurate turning style that suits this cube.

A couple of things that I would like to mention though is, this would be a great cube to have several of, just to let out at competitions or to your friends.

And, with the super simplistic mechanism, this will be a fantastic choice for puzzle mods and stuff like that.  

If you don’t have very accurate turning and rely on the stability of a cube, the GuanLong will feel weird at first, and you may not like it. But, it’s pretty easy to get used to, and once you do, it’s a great cube.

One-Handed Turning

Because this cube can turn so easily and so flexible, this makes a great one-handed cube. This could easily be in an OH tournament.

No Popping

As for popping issues, the GuanLong holds together very well. You would probably get about one pop on every 500 or so solves. This isn’t really any concerning issue because nowadays, most cubes have adapted well to the anti-popping mechanism.

Final Thoughts

The YJ GuanLong is a decent speed cube. This one doesn’t have any major problems and keep in mind that this one only comes in black and white plastic as of now.

Unfortunately for sticker cube fans or people keen on making forest cubes from this, the design doesn’t allow this one to come in stickerless. So, you will have to bear with the stickers.

It’s not the best speed cube out there but probably one of the best if the price is an issue to you. It’s certainly an excellent upgrade from the Rubik’s brand.

Hopefully, this YJ GuanLong Review was able to give the ins and outs of this cube. Stay tuned for more magic puzzle reviews.

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