V Cube 3 Review: An In-depth Feature Breakdown!

The V Cube 3B is a pillow form cube which is surprisingly interesting. It’s not every day that you see this kind of puzzle. This pillow form one has a very different feel to it. One thing I can tell you is that this is not for speed cubing.

That being said, this one has its purpose and don't go ahead and automatically give a prejudiced opinion about this one.

This cube is actually good if you just want to spend some time and try something new. I’m going to be going through more details about it later in this V cube 3 review.


First off, this 3B cube has torpedoes. It’s pretty much exactly like the mechanism of a V cube squared shape. Since the pieces are made for round cube, it has a wider shape to it.

The mechanism on the corner is piece is different. It is long just like all the other V cubed brands as well. Nothing different in comparison of a V cube. I think because it’s smaller and rounder at the edges. 

It certainly turns smoother, and they may have used a different kind of plastic too. Overall, it’s a great cube because of the smooth turning and looseness that it has.

However, this cube is not something to practice on and definitely not for speedcubing. But, if you are just wanting to do some kind of casual speed solving, this wouldn’t be the thing for that.

If you are just trying to mess around and just have a fun, light cube that doesn’t take a lot of effort, this is the one. Frankly, speed cubes don’t require a lot. To me, I like the simplicity of this one.


It has buttery smooth turning, and this one just glide. This is all without any lubrication. You adjust the tension on this one. But I wouldn’t mess around with it; it’s pretty hard to get the center piece out. The V Cube 3B doesn’t make a lot of noise.

To accurately describe how it feels to turn, I would say it is kind of springy. You’d probably have a hard time controlling the 3B because of the shape. But, with practice, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

This cube can make just shy of 180-degree turns with one flick. It is very finger-trackable. Except for the corner cutting, this one is very smooth. No pops, no twist unless you are a speedcuber.

If you have an average of sub-40 and want to improve your solving skills, the V-cube 3 can really help you achieve that. It’s easily flick-able to any face past 100-degree.

V Cube 3

Corner Cutting

This where the cube fails to shine. Corner cutting is very small, probably half a cube. It also depends on the tension. It locks up when you try to do reverse corner cutting. That’s why this one will be completely out of line for speed cube.

Even with extreme force, this one can only corner cut 25-degree forward and 5-degree reverse. Keep in mind that this problem can really put an impact on your solving time. 

Don’t try to solve this cube with a fast mindset. It’s bad at corner cutting and will pop a lot.


The only thing I liked about this cube is speed. It’s so fast that it becomes uncontrollable sometimes. Which is kind of bad for speedcubers. If you are used to the pillow form shaped puzzle, it’s actually very controllable.

Popping And Lockups

I’ve seen a lot of speedcubers use it without having any popping or lockup issues. The shape of the puzzle makes it somewhat hard to executes the algorithms properly. It is also hard to grip them properly if you are not used to this kind of puzzle.

Who Is This Cube For?

If you are trying to figure out some different F2L technique or some shortcuts that you can do to increase your solving time, or you just want to solve the cube more intuitively instead of trying to go for more speed, this would be the cube for you.

It’s because you can do a lot more thinking behind it instead of trying to worry about control. This is just a nice little relaxing styled puzzle. 

You can think of it as a Sudoku puzzle. You can take time and learn different solving algorithms with it without worrying about control, time and pace. The pillow form only qualifies it to be a collector’s cube.

The lack of a straight corner can make it a bit difficult to control. I feel this round shape doesn’t give you the confidence you need to get a proper grip. 

Lubing & Tensioning

Leave it as it is. I’ve heard that lubing this cube makes it even worse. Don’t even try to adjust the tension if you don’t know anything about tensioning a cube. It is smooth out of the box.

Also, you can’t take out the center caps because they are glued. The stickers on this one isn’t very good either. It will start to peel after 500 solves or so.

Final Thoughts

This one weighs 98g which is not lightest out there. The newer models of this cube use painted plastic instead of stickers. The colors are more vibrant now.

The stickerless version of this one has a nice smooth feel. The latest model of this one turned to be really well though. If you trim the excess plastic from the cube, it will remove the stickiness.

4x4 and bigger pillowed design cubes are far easier than controlling a 3x3. Although this design is unique to V-cube, I’ve found it difficult to control it on a three by threes.

That’s all I can say for this V Cube 3 Review. It’s a nice addition to have but not meant for speed solvers.

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