How to Take Apart a Rubik’s Cube and Put It Back Together?

If you are looking for a way to take apart a Rubik’s Cube and put it back together, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll show you how to take the pieces apart and put them together, all in a few simple steps.

Sometimes, you want to see the mechanism inside, or you want to clean the cube. Whatever the reason is, you’ll need to separate the pieces.

Here’s how to do it below.

Why Do You Need to Take the Pieces Apart? 

Whatever your reason is, you must be sure that pieces are adequately separated. More than anything else, you must ensure that you put them back together in a correct way.

Do you know that if you put the pieces back in a random way, the possibilities to solve the cube again are less than 8%?

For that reason, consider putting the pieces back, so the cube is completely solved. It is best to solve the cube before taking it apart, so the color arrangement will be easier to make later.

Solve the cube and start taking it apart. Make that cube work for you. Here are the necessary steps to undertake.

How To Take Apart a Rubik’s Cube and Put It Back Together?

In the beginning, ensure that you have a screwdriver by your side. It will be necessary to use the screwdriver in the process since the disassembling will be easier to conduct.

Once you do it, you may need a lubricant to lubricate the pieces in order to ensure better speed of the cube. When you have all the helpers by your side, start with the procedure.

Step 1 – Rotate the Cube 

In the beginning, you must rotate the cube in the right way. Take an upper layer and rotate it in a 45 degrees position.

In this position, it will be easier to take the parts away. Use the screwdriver and take out the piece in the centre.

After that, take out the two other pieces on the layer. Now, you can see parts of the mechanism inside. It is time for the next move.

Step 2 – Find the Other Corners 

Now that you have one row completed, you can move to the other corners. Rotate the cube on the other side, so the next row is in front of you, and take out the pieces in the same way as the previous step.

By this point, you should have a few pieces taken out, and the others are left to be removed. Concentrate on the same upper layer and take out all the parts here.

After that, concentrate on the other corners. Take out the pieces with a screwdriver and reveal the mechanism inside.

Step 3 – Take Care of the Pieces

Now, when you take out all the pieces, you’ll see the mechanism inside. It is a 6-side oriented structure, and each side corresponds to the specific color. If you want to take care of the pieces, it is an ideal opportunity to do it right now.

Take a lubricant and wipe the pieces carefully. Use a cloth to remove the residues of a lubricant and start placing the pieces back.

Step 3 – Complete the Cube 

It’s time to put the pieces back together. Now, you have all the pieces in front of you, and the process is essential at this level.

Make sure that you put the pieces, so the overall structure of the colors corresponds to the solved cube.

Arrange the colors adequately, because that is a secure way to use the cube properly again. Place the pieces so the colors are adequately arranged, and the cube is completely solved.

This way, you ensure that your cube will run easily again. When you complete all the parts, you’ll see how the cube operates better, especially after proper lubrication.

You have done a good job!


Now, you know how to take apart a Rubik's Cube and put it back together. With this simple method, your cube will be easier to handle, and you'll see the mechanism inside if you wondered how it looks like.

Now, you know it all. You are ready to use the cube again while looking for some original and new way to solve it. With a Rubik's Cube, a fun time is guaranteed.

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