Qiyi Thunderclap V1 Review: How Good Is It Actually?

The Qiyi Thunderclap is truly an amazing cube. This speed cube very fast, corner cutting is very exceptional with very minimal corner twists. Probably one in hundred solves. This puzzle has a lot more to offer, stick around for the rest of the Qiyi Thunderclap V1 Review to know more.

The QiYi is actually pronounced "cheeyee" in case you didn’t know. Q doesn't exactly make a "ch" sound in Chinese. But, it’s close enough. Most people say CheeYee because it’s easier for non-Chinese people to say.

The Thunderclap V1 was released on May 9th, 2015. At that time, many speed cuber worldwide claimed that this puzzle is a great 3x3. Coming in at less than ten bucks, this one is relatively cheap.   

Enough language and history lesson, you all didn’t come here for that. The Thunderclap is one of three QiYi speed cubes.

It has gained a lot of popularity on the market, mostly because of the price tag and performance. Does this price reflect on its performance? Is it any good? Let’s find out.

Qiyi Thunderclap V1 Review

Out of The Box

The feeling of a new cube is something I personally love. It’s a mix between smooth and bumpy, and it just feels amazing. It's quite a bit cheaper than most flagship 3x3. But its performance is one hundred percent on par with everything else on the market.

The thunderclap is a very versatile cube, and I believe it can be set up to most people's preferences. Most three by threes nowadays, you wouldn't really feel any difference.

Out of the box, the Thunderclap can really be anything you want it to be. It's scratchy and has kind of a hard-plastic feeling. But, if you lube the cube, it’ll become buttery and smooth.

Qiyi Thunderclap V1

Breaking It In 

The general rule of thumb for breaking a speed cube is to do hundred plus solves. Do this without lubing it to get the most out of your puzzle. If you want to retain the out-of-the-box feeling, I would suggest you use Maru.

It would retain the scratchiness and that hard-plastic feel. If you play with different types of lubes, I’ll guarantee you’ll find this puzzle to be anything you want.

If lubed properly, it will have a very clicky and crunchy feeling and will be very fast. Just like any other 3x3 puzzle, it will perform the way you need it to.

It’s kind of an old school method, but it’s still effective. Do a bunch of solves before lubing it to get the max performance out of it.

In modern cubes, you don’t have to do all that. But I believe the QiYi V1 is one of those cubes where you should follow the old trend.

Corner Cutting  

The Thunderclap has a very smooth feeling to it. One unique characteristic of this puzzle is when you turn it fast; it feels smooth but kind of blocky.

This speed cube corner cuts about ½ a cubie, and the reverse corner cuts a little under ½ a cubie.

Sometimes locks up on reverse corner cuts. Depending on your solving style, lockups can be very minimal.

With its lightweight, great speed and controllable feel, you will lock up less even compared to cubes that have better corner cutting.  


This puzzles mechanism is clearly designed to stop popping. It has a nice built-in torpedo which is actually built-in to the piece. Also, it has two dents on the sides of the edge pieces.

There is no special mechanism on the corners. There is actually no special feature that will set this cube apart; mostly everything is similar to the rest of three by threes.

However, there is a small bump on the centerpiece that locks into the edge. What that does is that actually goes into the edge piece and locks them together to prevent pop-ups.


Speaking of pops, it’s something that this cube is capable of preventing. That’s how it was built. Even if the tensions aren’t tight, or they are more on the loose end, it won’t pop.

As long as you are not using some ridiculously loose tension, pop shouldn’t even be a concern.


At all honesty, there were only two major flaws that I found on this cube. One is that it does corner twist occasionally. It’s probably every one in twenty solves or so.

It’s not a big deal for me though. I’m not used to the squared-off corner design. But, if you are, it’s probably going to bother you.

The second flaw is the center cap design. The design kind of sucks. QiYi used a design where the cap basically covers the whole centerpiece.

A lot of people when they first use this cube won’t be able to figure out how to take it off.   


If you don't have the cube disassembled, you can use a knife to pull up on it, or if you have the cube disassembled, you can just use your finger to pull up underneath it.

Beyond the center caps, the design of the cube is pretty standard. Nothing overly special about the other pieces.


One feature that I really love about the thunderclap is that it flows very well. It like when you turn, it cuts through everything. 

Some of the more inexpensive cubes that I have seen have this weird design that makes them catchy when turning. But, that’s not the case with this one.

Would I Recommend The Thunderclap?

Overall, this cube is not as good as the modern speed cubes due to its occasional lockups. QiYi has released a new version of the Thunderclap which you should definitely get.

I would recommend this cube to more accurate turners. Because if you are not a very accurate turner, this cube will lock up quite frequently.

In short, the Thunderclap V1 is easy to set up, has great performance and it’s cheap. Unlike the more expensive ones like the Gans 356 which is very hard for someone newer to set up.

It’s not like that the expensive ones are not good. It’s for the newbie cuber’s who are starting out.

That’s all I can say for the Qiyi Thunderclap V1 Review. If you're new and looking for a great cube, definitely check out this one because you won't be disappointed.

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