MoYu YJ Yulong Review: Should You Get It?

MoYu YJ Yulong is a smooth 56mm stickerless speed cube. It has a fast turning and is lightweight than most other cubes in the 3x3 segment. Out of the box, it is very smooth with a great corner cutting speed.

The YJ Yulong is tension adjustable, and if done right, it’s difficult to pop. The stock tension is good for most speedcubers. It’s fast but not too fast to point where it actually becomes uncontrollable.

That was only the overview of this puzzle. Read the full MoYu YJ Yulong Review to know how this cube actually performs.

Out Of The Box

Out of the box, the stickerless cube looks glossy. The bright colored plastic is not to my liking though. I prefer classic MoYu shades. But it feels buttery smooth. I guess that’s one perk of being stickerless.

It has the size of a standard Rubik's cube. 5.5 cm in height length and width. It has a medium fast turning speed. The turning has a satisfying clackity feel. It’s a good speed cube if you are just starting speed solving.

It’s slower than a MoyuWeilong but works well for beginners. The Weilong is so fast that it sometimes messes up your algorithms. You won’t regret getting the YJ Yulong because this one is insanely smooth.

First Impression 

At first impression, all I could say is that this cube is the right choice if you are new to speedcubing and looking for your first speed cube.

Bright and understandable colors, smooth motion, easy grip, and remarkable corner cutting make it an unbeatable cube for newbies and intermediate speedcubers.

A lot of professional level solvers still recommend this one because the standard and turning quality remains good even after solving it a few hundred times.

Quick Tip: If it comes pre-lubed, don’t lube it. Keep it as it because the stock tension of this cube is good enough for most speed-cuber.

Another noticeable perk of this cube is its price. At this price point, the quality you’ll be getting and how well it holds the whole puzzle together is something else.

This cube allows you to corner easily with a lot of forgiveness. Price to performance ration on this one is superb.

MoYu YJ Yulong

Corner Cutting

Corner cutting is 45 degrees with some force. The ideal corner cutting is about 33 to 40 degrees with minimal effort. Reverse corner cutting is about half a cubie. I’ll admit that the corner cutting isn’t the best but the overall performance easily weighs it out.

I wouldn’t say it has the best corner cutting. However, it’s quite decent actually. Sounds clicky and somewhat loud for my taste. Corner twists are possible but will happen about once every hundred solves or so.

If you make the tensions lose, it will corner twist even more. Don’t play with the tension too much. It could result in a frequent pop. Keep it in factory tension to keep the cube stable.


The mechanism of this cube is almost similar to the SuLong. The corner piece and edge piece both are same except for the torpedo. If you take a closer look at those pieces, you’ll see some tracks which make the whole cube very smooth.

The only reason it doesn’t pop often is that the mechanism is unchanged from the Sulong but costs way less than that.

However, a few modifications have been made. The top edge dip has changed spots on the YuLong. There is also now a dip on the edge track and on the corner.


At his price point, the pros should outweigh the cons, but there is still some drawback that I should mention otherwise this whole review would feel too biased.

So far, considering this a beginner’s cube there were no problems to point out. People with solving speeds over 20 seconds will find this a bit fast. Adding some lube should fix the problem.

There was a time when stickerless versions were useless to speed-cubers but great for collectors. But times have changed, and both parties can now take full advantage of it.

There are really no major problems with this cube if you compare it other similar ones at the same price point.

My Thoughts 

It’s kind of an old model. But heck, I would still use this from time to time. The performance is surprising on a cube with such a simple mechanism.

This cube whole heartedly proves that a puzzle with such a simple design can be an amazing speed cube.     

The cube feels really slippery on the outside, and it’s kind of buttery and crunchy at the same time. The feeling is really nice on this one.

The best way I would describe this cube is a mix between ChiLong and SuLong. I wouldn’t say the cube is better than both of them, but the feeling is mutual.

About corner twists, it is very possible with minimal effort if you try to do so. When solving, it will rarely occur.

Would I Recommend The MoYu YJ Yulong?

Yes. For beginner’s only. The cube may be a tad too fast, but it’s controllable and stable. The mechanism is built on an anti-pop structure so you won’t have to worry about popping.

No need to have any knowledge about tensioning this one or lubricating. The stock one is good enough for starters. Consider this as a practice cube until you get better at solving.

If you feel this cube is too fast for you, some lubing can fix that. Think of this as a good play cube for your spare time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the speed, corner cutting, locking gets 4 out of 5 stars. Corner twists and popping are something left to be desired. But you get what you pay for. Don’t expect premium quality from a less than a ten bucks’ cube.

That’s all I can say for the MoYu YJ Yulong Review. Low price with good build quality. You’ll get the most bang for your buck out of this one that’s for sure.

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