Moyu Aolong V2 Review: An Amazing Cube For You?

Speed up your game with the best 3x3 speed cube money can buy. That’s right. The MoyuAolong V2 pro competition cube can shave off those extra milliseconds, give you an edge over your opponent and dominate the solving time.

Check out the MoyuAolong V2 Review and see why this one is worth all the hype. Let’s get the basics of this cube out of the way.


Externally, the Aolong V2 is identical to the version one. It’s a 57mm puzzle with the exact same stock Moyu shades. It’s aesthetically pretty standard, unlike its predecessor the V1, which had extremely beveled pieces.

The pieces are more squared off on the V2 making it less bubbly and more together. You can replace the stock stickers if you want.


The edges are almost identical to the v1 and are interchangeable. No changes here so far. The V2 offers some small changes that make it considerably faster and smoother at corner cutting.

Whatever the differences though, you’ll feel an amazing improvement in the mechanism. That’s the very reason why this Aolong is top rated.

MoyuAolong V2

Corner Cutting

The corner cutting on this puzzle is really good. I mean it’s way smoother than most other brands out there. It can go a little past 45 and can cut right through. Feels almost like 50-ish and can cut through without any effort.

Trust me when I say this, it’s not a lot of effort to cut through. I’ve never seen a cube cut this deep, especially with little or no effort.

Reverse corner cutting isn’t anything too shabby. I mean it works fine. It’s about ½ a cubie with little force.

Again, the turning is ultra-smooth and will give you a crispy feel. It’s probably because of the change in the plastic. It almost feels like a mix of the V1 and the Yulong.  


Lockups happen only in moderation and pop never occurs. However, it occasionally locks up on corner cutting. I think breaking it in should fix that problem.

There are some issues left with corner twists. It’s not as bad as the V1, but expect to get one or two twists out of a hundred solves.

Let’s talk about changes in the mechanism.

First of all, the indent on the corner has been enlarged. I think this reduces friction, possibly cutting down corner twisting. 

Another subtle change is that there is now an indent on the underside of the torpedo on the V2 edge piece.  

Now that I’ve gone through all the basics, changes and improvements, it’s time to take a deeper look at the most important aspect aka user opinion.

Would I Recommend The MoyuAolong V2?

One of its supposed benefits is the increased stability. The V2 is much more stable than its predecessor and makes the puzzle much more enjoyable to use.


If you get the Aolong from the original batch, you’ll find those to be sloppy and sluggish. Well, that was back when it was first launched. Now, all of them will have ultra-smoothness and faster turning.

I guess they rushed in the manufacturing process which left some technical issues. The speed on the later batch is perfect for any speedcuber. 

This cube seems to have fixed all the issues of the V1, and I have had no substantial issues with this one, and I don’t any see any reason why I shouldn’t recommend it.

It’s got great turning, pretty standard corner cutting, no lockups or pops and really no problems.

One huge misconfusion over the V2 is the speed. There were two versions of this cube produced. There was the first batch and the second batch of the V2.

They used two different plastics which made the first batch slower than the second one. The second one had more glossy plastic and responded to lubes much better.

A lot of bad reviews came from the initial people who got the cube when released. They really didn’t like it and said it was too slow. I’m reviewing the second version, and I can confirm that this thing has no speed issue whatsoever.

The speed section was kind of long, but I had to get my point across. The second version is plenty fast. Probably faster than the V1.

Tension Adjustable

You can easily adjust the tension on this one. If you tighten the cube a little bit more rather than the keeping it at the stock tension, you wouldn’t have any popping issues.

Features At A Glance:

  • Top of the line 3x3x3 Speed Cube.
  • Faster corner cutting and zero pops.
  • Tension adjustable.
  • Super-durable and solid stickers.
  • It comes lubricated and tensioned.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Smooth and fast.

If you are looking to get the best bang for your buck, this will be a perfect addition for you. It can also be a cool gift for kids. Everyone loves Rubik’s cube. This sticker on this one is cool and eye-catching.

Breaking In

It’s a little scratchy at first, but once you start to break it in, it gets better. It’s ready out of the box and doesn’t need to be lubricated. It costs half the price of the Gans 356.

The break-in period is very short, and you’ll notice the improvement almost instantly. The scratchy and blocky feeling will go away once you tension it.

Final Thoughts

It has a good combination of speed and turning which is pretty rare in speed cubes. Over time, lubrication is needed to keep the smoothness. I would recommend this one for the intermediate players.

It will also be a great cube for starters. You can’t beat the price of this one. With proper lubing, tension-adjustment and re-stickering, you can keep it as your main as long as you want.   

If you are trying to up your game and move on to a better one, this will be the one. That’s all I can say on the MoyuAolong V2 review. Will this be your new main cube?

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