How to Memorize Rubik’s Cube Algorithms Fast?

We’ll be honest here. There’s no easy way to memorize Rubik’s Cube algorithms fast. But there are some solutions you can apply.

In this case, we offer you a few ways that can make a difference in memorizing complex algorithms, and each of the ways is worthy of some effort.

We told you. It’s not an easy journey, but there are certain shortcuts. Let’s explore them now.

Why Memorize Rubik's Cube Algorithms?

You may wonder why do you need an algorithm here, but if you are a more serious user of Rubik's Cube, you must know that a Rubik's Cube is based on different algorithms.

All the way from the corner solving to the overall color arrangement, each move is based on certain algorithms. That’s why you must know them.

Have you ever experienced blindfolded cube solving?

If yes, this kind of memorizing is close to it. You must know the moves in your hands in order to solve the cube adequately. Here’s what to do below.

How to Memorize Rubik’s Cube Algorithms Fast?

Step 1 – Remember the Hand Moves

First of all, you must know basic algorithms. Some of them are the simple rotation of the corners, like in the following algorithm;

 R – T – Ri – T – R – T – T – Ri

In this case, we have three rotations of the same corner. To memorize it, you must remember the hand moves. You have six clockwise rotations and two counter-clockwise rotations. Once you learn this kind of movement, all other algorithms are easier to remember.

Combining the corners is one of the most essential steps in cube solving, and that's why you should master this part. Remember how to move corners and move to the next step.

Step 2 – Making a Cross 

Making a cross is another important thing to memorize. Here, we have a slightly more challenging task to remember, but once you know the basics, you'll know how to solve the cube. Memorize the following algorithm;

F – T – R – Ti – F – R – T – Ri – Ti – Fi

Now, we have the same number of clockwise moves, and four counter-clockwise moves. It will be easier to remember this move when you have the cube in your hands. Take a cube and repeat the algorithm until you get the cross on the top layer.

It won't be easy to remember all these moves, but one option can help. Separate the algorithm into two parts and repeat it numerous times.

You can separate it into two parts, starting the first part from the front clockwise move. After that, make the moves like this;

T – R – Ti

When you are done, continue with the rest of the algorithm and make the moves like these;

F – R – T – Ri – Ti – Fi

Now, you have completed the algorithm that is maybe the most important in cube solving. Once you know how to make a cross on the top layer, you can be sure that the cube solving is more manageable.

So now, you have two algorithms that can make a real difference in cube solving.

Step 3 – Memorize Other Moves

If you know how to make a cross on the top layer and how to rotate the corners, you are on the good path to completely solve the cube.

Combining the two mentioned algorithms will make the cube solving easier, and that might be an easy way to remember the moves.

Sometimes, the cube solving will take more time, but memorizing is not an easy process. You must admire the cube solving if you want to have success. For that reason, the more passion you have, the better you'll remember.

If you are not sure where to start, these two algorithms will play an important role. All other moves are based on the two mentioned algorithms and here is what the cube solving is based on.


When you remember the two basic algorithms, you can remember all other more complicated ones. Just focus on hand moves and try to remember the pattern. If you know how to move the hands, try to do it blindfolded.

That’s the best way to memorize the algorithms. Once you know how to make the algorithms blindfolded, that’s the best proof that you have memorized them completely.

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