How to Solve a Pyramid Rubik’s Cube for Beginners?

Have you mastered the normal Rubik’s Cube? Are you looking for some alternatives?

Here’s the solution; a pyramid Rubik’s Cube. It is also known as the Pyraminx.

This type of pyramid is actually a tetrahedron-shaped puzzle that you need to solve in a different way than an average cube.

There are numerous positions, and each of them has some basic rules.

Here, we try to bring you more solutions, and we'll teach you how to solve the Pyraminx, especially if you are a beginner.

Who Invented a Pyramid Rubik’s Cube?

The first inventor of the Pyramid Rubik’s Cube was Uwe Mèffert, the German inventor and enthusiast. He wanted to make something different than a normal cube, and he came up with this invention.

It happened in 1971, but he patented it later in 1981 after the regular cube got success. The invention of the pyramid shape was something different and unique.

Many people wanted to solve this kind of puzzle, and the solution is actually quite simple. You just need to follow certain rules. Here, we reveal how to do it.

Solving a Pyramid Rubik’s Cube for Beginners

It is well-known that the Pyramix is much simpler than a cube, but there are still some hacks you should know. In the beginning, prepare adequately.

Step 1 – Notation

You must know the basic marking of the pyramid. Just like in a cube, you have front, right, left and top layer, but here, the sides are different.

However, the notation stays the same in this case. R stands for the right side, L is for left, F marks the front side and T represents the top layer.

This time, the top layer is not a real "layer". It is basically a tip of the pyramid. It is still moveable, and you can rotate it when you want to change the color orientation.

However, it remains to be the most relevant part of the pyramid, especially if you are at the beginner level. You’ll find out why this part is important.

Step 2 – Solve the Tip and the Centers

Here’s why the tip is important. You need to solve it at the very beginning. In order to make that, you should turn the four corners when matching the centre pieces.

These centre pieces are connected to each other, and you should make a turn for each corner to position them correctly. As a result, you should have the three centre colors matched together.

If you are not getting this result, turn the pieces in the centre one or two times, depending on the initial position of the colors.

Do it until you find the matching colors in the middle. The centre colors must match on all faces, and that is the first step you must complete. Let’s take another one.

Step 3 – Align Two Edges Next to a Single Corner 

This might be a bit challenging, but with good preparation, you will make it possible. Take a pyramid and use two algorithms to solve the left and the right side. The left algorithm is the following;

L' F' L F

Once you are done with this algorithm, move forward and do the next algorithm;

R F R' F'

This way, you ensure that all the edges are perfectly combined with the top corner. More than anything else, the process is more intuitive than severe memorizing of algorithms, which makes the moves much easier.

Step 4 – Complete the Edges

As the last step, we need to concentrate a little bit in order to make the moves correctly. Take a pyramid and permute the last layer edges with a few simple algorithms. First, complete the clockwise cycle with these moves;

U' F U F'

When you are done, complete the counter-clockwise algorithm like this;

U L' U' L

Now, you are ready to flip top edges with these moves;

F U' F' U F' L F L'

With the last move, you are at the end, and you should see a solved pyramid. As you can see, the process is not too demanding, and you'll have a solved pyramid with few simple steps.


You might see the pyramid as a challenging puzzle, but, in reality, the pyramid solving is more straightforward than a cube solving.

You just need to follow the mentioned steps. Have fun with your pyramid and see why most lovers of this puzzle want to learn how to solve a Pyramid Rubik’s Cube for beginners.

As you can see, the process is fun and easy.

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