How to Scramble a Rubik’s Cube Properly With The Easiest Rules?

You have probably heard that you can solve the Rubik’s Cube in 20 moves. But, have you heard that you can scramble it properly in 20 moves?

Yep, it is possible, thanks to one interesting method. In this article, we want to explain it to you, so you can finally scramble the cube the right way.

You just need to apply some good steps.

Why is It Important to Scramble the Cube Properly?

First of all, it is important because you can solve it more easily later on. If you scramble the cube in a random way, you leave more room for further struggle with it. You won’t be able to manage all the steps while solving the cube and you’ll spend more time solving it.

Let’s be clear. We want to have a mind challenge here, and the more difficult the cube is, the more challenging the task becomes.

For these reasons, it is not good to have pre-prepared methods for cube solving, but it is good to have a good starting point. The best starting point is a good scrambling. Pay attention how to do it.

How to Scramble a Rubik’s Cube Properly?

Here are the steps to proper cube scrambling that you should follow. Each of them is equally important.

1. Know the Basics 

In the further explanation, you’ll see the instructions to scramble the cube easily. You must know that certain letters and signs that correspond to specific moves you’ll make. Therefore, it is good to know the explanation.

U = Up

D = Down

L = Left

R = Right

F = Front

B = Back

R will mean to turn the right face of the cube clockwise, while R’ will correspond to the counter-clockwise move. R2 will refer to double turning of 180 degrees.

Now, when you know the basics, let’s move further.

2. Move the Right Face

At this point, you have a fully solved cube that needs scrambling. We’ll start with the right face. Make the following moves;

R – R’ – R2

Now, we have moved the right face of cube, so the other parts are starting to scramble. It’s time for a further step.

2. Get the Whites 

In this case, the most important to see is the white face in front. You will make it with these moves;

r/Rw – r’/Rw’ – x – y

With the x move, you’ll turn the whole cube so that the whole white side is in the front. With the further “y” move, you’ll turn the cube to the green side to face you.

3. Play with the Upper Row

When you have the cube with all the greens, it’s time to play with the upper parts. Try to follow this sequence;

U – U’ – U2 – u/Uw – u’/Uw’

By this point, you’ve played with the sides and few sides of the cube have remained solved. If you turn the cube with the “z” move, you’ll see the red side in front. That’s the time to scramble further.

4. Make Combinations with the Red 

Now, you have the red side neatly solved, but we want to scramble it. Turn the middle of the side clockwise and see a new picture now.

You have a red-yellow-red face, right? Let’s scramble it further.

Make the following moves;

F – F’ – L – L’ – B – B’

Now, again, you have the completed red side, but other parts of the cube are scrambled, which was our intention.

You can see the different combinations if you turn the cube around. Prepare for the last moves in this process.

5. Pay Attention to the Lower Rows

At this point, we have created many combinations with different moves, but one last stage is left if we want to have a perfectly scrambled cube.

These moves will help;

D – D’

With these last moves, you turn the lower row and create the scrambled construction of the cube. It is not an easy thing, but it is easier when you know the right procedure to do it.


You have many options to scramble the Rubik’s Cube, but the mentioned one is the most convenient, especially if you are new to cubing. It will be easier to solve your cube now that you know how to scramble a Rubik’s Cube properly.

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