How To Clean and Lubricate a Rubik’s Cube Properly?

We all love our cubes. Whether these are 3x3, 4x4 or some more challenging 5x5 Rubik’s Cubes, we love the feeling when we solve them.

Some methods are easier, and some are a bit difficult.Either way, solving a Rubik’s Cube requires some deep thinking and fast fingers.

More than anything else, it demands a fast cube. How to have that cube fast again? Well, with a few simple methods, we'll explain how to clean and lubricate a Rubik’s Cube properly.

You'll need a few things here so that the cleaning can be effective.

Things You Need To Clean And Lubricate A Rubik’s Cube

First of all, you need aproper screwdriver. Do not take any kind of a screwdriver. Use the one with a flat end, and be careful with it.

You can damage the cube if you use a too big screwdriver. Therefore, use an average one and operate carefully.

The second important thing you need here is a lubricant. We usually use a can of silicone oil, but there are also other alternatives like vegetable oil or a lubricant for plastic.

No matter the choice, this product must be quality enough to lubricate the cube adequately, without damaging the important parts.

How To Clean And Lubricate A Rubik’s Cube?

Once you get the necessary tools, it’s time to clean the cube. Now, get set and follow these steps below.

1. Disassemble the Cube 

Turn the upper row to the 45-degree angle and prepare to take out one small cube after another. You'll take out a cube in the middle of the front row while taking care not to damage the mechanism inside.

Use the screwdriver and push the tension from the inside out. A single cube should fall out. That's the time to go further and take out all other cubes.

2. See the Cube’s Base

One by one, you'll see how they fall off from the base, and once you are close to seeing the entire base, you'll be able to see the mechanism inside.

It is a corner-oriented mechanism with a few simple rules. Each corner is dedicated to one side of the cube, and that's where the magic happens. You are able to use the cube the way you want– thanks to this mechanism.

3. Lubricate the Parts 

Once you disassemble all the small cubes, it’s time to lubricate all the parts. Take a lubricant and a soft tissue, and wipe all the areas around the basic mechanism, as well as all the sides of each small cube.

This kind of lubrication will increase the speed of the cube, which is the first rule to effective solving of the cube. The faster the cube is, the better you solve it.

4. Wait for One Hour 

At this point, you should have lubricated all the parts, and each piece of the cube is properly cleaned with tissue papers. You can leave the parts for one hour.

The lubricant will evaporate, and the greasy residue will disappear a little.

5. Assemble the Parts Together 

Now, you can put the parts back together. Follow the simple rule of equal colors. Assemble the cube in the way that all the sides correspond to each other, just like in the case of a completely solved cube.

A picture of the solved cube must be there. Assemble the parts one by one and use some force when you need to put the small cubes back into the mechanism. You'll need a little bit of patience here since all the parts are very small and sensitive.

6. Try the Cube 

Once you put together all the small cubes, you should have a solved cube in front of you. It’s time to test it. Scramble the cube and move the edges to see if the cube is easier to use.

It must be faster and smoother, and that’s a proven result that you have done a great job. If your cube is responsive and fast, the job is complete.


Now, you know how to clean and lubricate a Rubik's Cube properly in a few simple steps. Your cube will be fast enough to follow your ability to solve it even faster.

Use your brain and employ your fingers to make that cube work for you. It’s a perfect companion when you need a fast game that will keep you completely entertained.

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